All In a Days Work-Out

I need to share something amazing with you. Today I logged the highest step count EVER in my Fitbit. And I feel incredible!

WHAT?! I was a beast today!! #SlayTheDay #BeastModeEngaged #LosingIt

But I did have something else happen today for the first time: I was fat shamed at the gym. Y’all. This is something I can’t even understand. How can someone be so cruel to another human being? I was furious and cut deep when it happened. I wanted to cry. And I wanted to give up. But I refuse. They don’t get to win. It’s MY turn. And it’s YOUR turn. This story isn’t over yet.

So there ya have it: today’s update. Stay healthy my friends. #FatShamingSucks #FatLivesMatter #SorryNotSorry #HadToSayIt



I got to thinking: you should meet my exercise partner!! She’s great. She never complains. She’s always ready to go when I am. She never judges me for being slow or doing it wrong. She’s awesome…and she’s a dog. You saw that coming, huh?

Lady loves going for walkies and we use an app called Walk For a Dog. So what happens is, you download this app, setup your profile with your furry loved one(s), and take them for a walk. They donate to a shelter of your choice. We walk for a local humane society in Fort Smith, AR. I love that apps like this exist!!

Keep on Losing It!!

Trying New Things

Today, my husband and I got a Nintendo Wii from a game store. We got some fitness games only. I am so excited!!!!!! I am also de-light-ed to share my newest weight loss! Holla at ya girl!!

Sha-BOW!! I’ve beat the goal I set for this month. I wanted to lose 6 pounds for the month of January 2019. Well, it’s day 20 and I’ve already passed it by .4!! Maybe I can reach 10…that would be


#NintendoWii #CrushingMyGoals #LosingIt

Journey of a Thousand Miles…

…begins with a single step. I will admit that making “steps” whether if for changes or for my Fitbit, I am not good at either. I am hoping that by being completely transparent before you and the whole world (yikes) will help me to reach my weight loss goals.

How about a bit of background?

My name is Charlene Becker and I live in Western Arkansas with my husband of 5 years and our Corgi, Lady (who has her own Instagram, if you so choose to follow it @lady.corgiana.121817). I have a 15 year old step daughter whom I love whole heartedly.

I have always been a big girl…except for that short time when I was on the swim team for my school in Pennsylvania. I was actually ill looking and still thought that I was overweight! (Oh to be that “overweight” again!) When I moved to Arkansas at the tender age of 14 and discovered there was no swim team to be joined: I was devasted. The weight consistently piled on until now I am a 30 year old college senior. I learned last summer that my uncle has developed diabetes and my grandfather also had the disease. This shook me to the core. Diabetes scares me and I have the genetic makeup to develop the disease; my weight does not help matters one iota.

So now here I am, beginning this journey once more but this time with more vigor and determination. I am starting this journey with you, hopefully you’ll help me.


HT. 5’3″

WT. 264

BMI 46(ish)


WT. 140

BMI 24(ish)

Improve cardio health